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TRAC LeaseTRAC Lease
(Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause)

By far the most popular avenue to acquire commercial equipment. Over 80% of businesses take advantage of leasing to reduce the expensive upfront costs of purchasing equipment as well as creating a trade cycle to ensure they are acquiring the most technically advanced equipment on the market. A TRAC lease gives the purchaser the option to buy the vehicle at a predetermined value at the end of the lease or to trade up to new equipment.

  • What is a TRAC lease and how does it work? A TRAC value lease is a true lease for tax purposes, meaning the Lessor, Crossroads Equipment Lease and Finance, owns the equipment for tax purposes, depreciates the equipment, and passes a portion of the tax depreciation to the customer (Lessee) in the form of a lower payment. At the end of a  TRAC Lease the lessee has several options.

      1. Pay the TRAC amount and the lessee owns the truck.

      2. Crossroads will finance the TRAC amount

      3. Use the TRAC amount value as a trade in on a new vehicle

      4. Return the vehicle to Crossroads and:

        •  We will sell the vehicle.

          1. If the sale price is more than the TRAC amount, Crossroads will pay the difference to the lessee.

          2. If the sale price is less than the TRAC amount, the lessee will pay the difference to Crossroads.

  • A TRAC lease can be considered an operating lease or a capitalized lease on your financial statements so you can consider this as an off balance sheet financing.

  • TRAC lease payments can be completely expensed, an advantage that most companies realize with leasing as opposed to financing their equipment.

  • Terms up to 72 months on qualified vehicles

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