California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)

CalCAP offers Crossroads a mechanism to provide loans to small businesses that may not otherwise be able to get a loan. With CalCAP's portfolio insurance, Crossroads is able to cover portions of loans that exceed the risk threshold normally set for most business loans. CalCAP's flexibility includes:

  • With very few exclusions, virtually any business loan is eligible under CalCAP.
  • CalCAP provides insurance to Crossroads' portfolio of loans. Funds are placed in a loss reserve account as each CalCAP loan is enrolled.
  • CalCAP allows Crossroads to cover loans beyond its conventional risk threshold whether it is for all of a loan or only a portion.
  • Crossroads can restructure loans by extending the terms of CalCAP loans, amending covenants or releasing collateral.

Company Qualifications

  • 100 or less employees
  • 10 or less trucks / $2,500,000 max loan amount
  • $10 million or less in revenue (this is an average of the last three years)
  • Must conduct more than 50% of business in California

Truck Qualifications

  • On Road Diesel Truck
  • Greater than 14,000 lbs. GVWR
  • 2010 or Newer Replacement Engine
  • VIP or 1B Grant Funds Eligible
  • All Truck Types: Tractors, Yard Goats, Tow Trucks, Straight Trucks, Transfers, Dump etc.

Trailer Qualifications

  • Trailers are eligible if purchased in conjunction with a 2010 compliant engine
  • All Trailer Types: Regular box, Car carrier, Refrigerated unit, Liquid tanker