Providing Loan Assistance for California Equipment (PLACE)

A CalCAP Progam

PLACE offers Crossroads a mechanism to provide loans to small businesses that may not otherwise be able to get a loan. With PLACE's portfolio insurance, Crossroads is able to cover portions of loans that exceed the risk threshold normally set for most business loans. PLACE's flexibility includes:

  • With very few exclusions, virtually any business loan is eligible under PLACE.
  • PLACE provides insurance to Crossroads' portfolio of loans. Funds are placed in a loss reserve account as each PLACE loan is enrolled.
  • PLACE allows Crossroads to cover loans beyond its conventional risk threshold whether it is for all of a loan or only a portion.
  • Crossroads can restructure loans by extending the terms of PLACE loans, amending covenants or releasing collateral.

Company Qualifications

  • 100 or less employees
  • 10 or less trucks. If a company has 10 trucks they can qualify for one more loan under this program for as many trucks as they want up to the ceiling of $2,500,000 in total loans.
  • $10 million or less in revenue (this is an average of the last three years).
  • May be located out of the state of California, but must conduct more than 50% of their business in California.
  • $2,500,000 limit per customer in three year period.

Truck Qualifications

  • Must be on road
  • 14,000 lbs or greater
  • 2007 engine compliant in California
  • Can be used with Proposition 1B grant funds
  • VIP – Voucher program can be used in conjunction
  • Type of tucks: Tractors, Yard Goats, Tow Trucks, Transfers

Bus Qualifications

  • Must be on road
  • 14,000 lbs or greater
  • 2007 engine compliant in California
  • Can be used with Proposition 1B grant funds
  • VIP – Voucher program can be used in conjunction.

Trailer Qualifications

  • 53 feet or longer can be enrolled if purchased in conjunction with a 2007 compliant engine
  • Types:
    • Regular box
    • Car carrier
    • Regrigerated unit
    • Liquid tanker

Happy Truckers

  • The team at Crossroads and CFS not only helped me get a grant for a compliant truck, they financed it through PLACE and basically got me ahead of all my competitors before the registration ban..they did everything! I was even able to take my truck the day it showed up at the Dealer!

  • I was in a tight spot with a CARB letter and a truck that didn’t meet their standards. I had been turned down by banks, was getting a citation and had 30 days to get into compliance. Without Crossroads, I would be out of business

  • My wife and I purchased our first new 2019 Freightliner through our local dealer with help from Crossroads and the government programs in California. We run team driving up and down California with some 11 Western, but mostly stay here on the west coast. Since we ran more than 50% of our miles in California, we able to get a great monthly payment that gives us flexibility on our cash flow and meets our budget. No bank would help since we were a first time new truck buyer. We have been driving our 2008 for 5 years and cannot tell you the difference a new truck makes...Crossroads was able to qualify us for the PLACE program and get us into a new Freightliner when no one else could! Thanks Crossroads

  • I was worried about the upcoming registration ban since I have been running non-compliant for the past year and was unsure how I would meet the 2010 engine standard. I talked to 5 different truck lenders and they wanted outrageous rates. My credit isn’t horrible, but it’s not good and since crossroads does a lot of work with the State of California, they were able to get me super affordable payments and an interest rate that I was honestly surprised to I said, my credit has really held me back. Crossroads saved my business and gave me a chance to rebuild my credit.